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Dibert Valve & Fitting Co., Inc.

The Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center for DC, Maryland, and Virginia

Energy Management

Energy management is an important piece to any business. It is crucial to your day to day activity that you can rely on the systems you have in place. We provide an energy management service in the greater Richmond, Va area by coming out to your site to test the performance of the connections you have in place.

Swagelok Energy Emission Survey

Our on staff engineers will come to your facility and take an in depth look at the performance of your connections. After the survey is complete, you will receive a detailed report of the data collected. The benefits of this service offering include:

  • Reduces energy lost in your facility
  • Decreases maintenance time and leak repairs
  • Reduces rework
  • Saves money on labor costs and lost energy

Contact Us today for more information on our Energy Management Services.

System Evaluation & Project Management

Our extensive field experience in steam and condensate systems utility plant operations allows us to provide our customers with a thorough and extensive system evaluations. We can review, survey, analyze and report on any, or all components in the system. Our evaluations are tailored specifically to meet our customer's requirements. We provide a comprehensive report with every evaluation.

Examples of Steam Evaluations we have performed:

  • Paper machine hood coil system study
  • System steam pressure (total plant requirements and needs)
  • Steam valve performance and improvements in process operation
  • Direct injection system performance evaluations
  • Smoke house performance (steam and heat transfer)
  • Improving performance of metal finishing process (steam system)
  • Process heating systems

Examples of Boiler Evaluations we have performed:

  • Boiler control system upgrades
  • Boiler fuel selection