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Dibert Valve & Fitting Co., Inc.

The Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center for DC, Maryland, and Virginia


Swagelok provides the high-performance fluid system components and design expertise necessary to enable alternative fuel vehicle OEMs and supporting infrastructure companies to bring clean energy vehicles and fueling equipment safely to the marketplace.

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Performance and Reliability for the Next Frontier in Fuel Technology

The need for sustainability is driving innovation across the transportation market. Alternative fuel technologies are helping buses, trucks, and other vehicles operate more cleanly and efficiently than ever before. With these advances comes persistent challenges, however. Building fluid systems for applications involving the storage, transfer, and use of pressurized, potentially volatile, small-molecule fluids requires the use of components with advanced performance capabilities. It also requires a strong understanding of materials science, fluid system design best practices, and global alternative fuel industry certifications, standards, and approval processes.

  • Swagelok actively supports companies developing alternative fuel technologies for the transportation industry by providing the fluid system expertise and deep understanding of application requirements they need to compete effectively in a performance-driven, safety-focused market
  • We provide a variety of certified fluid system components and custom assemblies with the tolerances and material compositions to provide leak-tight performance in hydrogen fuel cell, compressed natural gas (CNG), and liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicles and refueling infrastructure
  • We also consult with customers to help them design or improve upon on-vehicle fuel systems and fueling stations

If you are working toward building a cleaner environment through cleaner mobility solutions, work with the company that transportation companies worldwide trust when their fluid systems must not fail—Swagelok.

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Products for the Transportation Industry

Hydrogen fuel cell and natural gas on-vehicle fluid systems and the infrastructure used to fuel them require high-integrity system components that effectively contain high-pressure, small-molecule gases. We provide OEMs with high-performance Swagelok® fluid system products specifically engineered for the toughest challenges in the specialty fuels markets. Our stainless-steel components are designed to deliver the seal tightness, grip strength, thermal performance, corrosion resistance, ductility, and ease of assembly needed to make alternative-fuel vehicles and infrastructure viable. They are also backed by the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty and are supported by more than 200 authorized sales and service center locations around the world.



We offer a wide variety of fittings for alternative fuel system applications, including Swagelok® FK series fittings that deliver outstanding tube grip and leak resistance, assembly-by-torque (AbT)fittings that are quick and easy to install, and Swagelok® tube fittings that deliver gas-tight seals resistant to vibration fatigue.



Whether you are working with hydrogen or natural gas, find dependable ball valves for on-vehicle or dispenser use, check valves for excess flow prevention in on-vehicle applications, relief valves for purge and bleed applications, and instrument manifolds that minimize potential leak
points in refueling stations.

Hose and Flexible Tubing

Hoses and Flexible Tubing

Choose from millions of variations of metal core, PTFE/PFA core, rubber core, and thermoplastic core hose and flexible tubing options to find products designed to perform well in hydrogen and natural gas on-vehicle and refueling infrastructure applications.



Find and install all-welded inline or tee-type filters that remove system particulate contaminants from your hydrogen fuel systems.



Choose the right pressure regulators rated appropriately to maintain ideal pressures in natural gas fueling infrastructure applications.

Swagelok pressure gauge

Measurement Devices

Maintain optimal fluid conditions in on-vehicle CNG/LNG applications and in refueling infrastructure with pressure gauges and additional measurement devices that are easy to use and read.

tubing and tube accessories

Tubing and Tube Accessories

Find metal tubing with the material composition and performance characteristics required for hydrogen and CNG/LNG fuel system applications, both on vehicles and in fueling stations.

Services for the Transportation Industry

Strained workforces, a lack of skilled technicians, and supply chain complexities are just some of the challenges that can make the development of fluid system applications difficult. Swagelok can provide the support you need to overcome design challenges, select components, and troubleshoot issues while developing low-emission fuel storage, transportation, and delivery systems. Come to us for custom subsystems and assemblies built to your exact specifications, ready to be installed. Or, let our experienced fluid system professionals help get your team members get up to speed on fluid system best practices, trends and technology, or installation and safety.

Design and Assembly Services

Design and Assembly Services

Have our fluid system professionals build you Swagelok® Custom Solutions that can range from a few components or complete fluid systems, including gas fill panels or assemblies that integrate into dispensers, compressors, and fuel lines. We produce standardized, scalable designs complete with testing, inspection, and packaging, as well as services such as CNC tube bending or preswaging of tubing and fittings.

Field Engineering Services

Field Engineering

Our experienced field engineers are stationed around the world and can help you identify and solve application challenges, troubleshoot problems, and recommend materials based on factors that contribute to corrosion, hydrogen embrittlement, and chemical compatibility issues.

Fluid System Training

Fluid System Training

A well-trained team can help ensure that your approach is consistent and that your standards are upheld on every installation. Swagelok offers training on topics such as materials science, tube bending, hose routing, orbital welding, and product selection, installation, and inspection, helping you ensure your team members can effectively assemble and operate critical gas systems.

Onsite Services

Onsite Services

Swagelok field engineers can visit your production facilities to help you attain the performance you need from fluid systems on light- or heavy-duty vehicles, at mobile or stationary fueling stations, or within the facility. In the process, we can help you minimize costs and fluid system downtime while helping you avoid potential safety hazards and environmental risks.

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How We Support The Transportation Industry

Improving Safety

Safety is a high priority in any application involving the handling and transportation of highly volatile fluids. It is especially important when the future of alternative fuel vehicle adoption depends on widespread perceptions that the technology is safe to use. We can help you build safety into your fluid system-related practices, from component installation through routine maintenance. We provide:

  • High-quality Swagelok components and assemblies engineered and tested to keep you safe to operate and maintain throughout their lifecycles, as well as leak-tight fluid system assemblies designed according to best practices for operator safety
  • A comprehensive program of fluid system training programs designed to help new and experienced team members and contractors work more safely by improving their fluid system design, installation, inspection, operation, and maintenance capabilities
  • Evaluation and advisory services that help you address risk factors throughout your fluid systems such as fluid leaks caused by the improper component installation or product selection, inefficient system designs, or selection of materials unsuited for alternative fuel applications

Enabling Performance

Designing hydrogen and CNG/LNG mobility solutions is uniquely challenging. Hydrogen embrittles and degrades many metals, and its small molecule size can lead to leaks if seals are not tight enough. High pressures, rapidly changing temperatures, and persistent vibration all pose challenges to alternative fuel vehicle fuel systems and supporting infrastructure. Our engineers worldwide can help you find the advanced fluid system performance you need by recommending or constructing fluid system components and assemblies configured to suit your requirements.

  • Our standardized, configurable fluid system assemblies are thoroughly tested, inspected, packaged, warrantied, and easy to order with single part numbers. Allow your team members to focus their attention on more pressing tasks than design and assembling systems by choosing fluid system assemblies built according to best practices through our Custom Solutions program.
  • Our experienced product design engineers have the technical knowledge, advanced software, and manufacturing expertise to customize fluid system products to meet demanding specifications. They can help with applications such as fuel line integration, CNG priority panels, dispensing systems, heavy-duty refueling boxes, and much more.
  • Our materials scientists can apply an expert-level understanding of metallurgy and chemical compatibility to help you find the right materials and designs for challenging applications. Minimize corrosion, hydrogen embrittlement, and other issues by working with specialists to choose fluid system components that have all the appropriate certifications, approvals, and compositions to work well in demanding applications.

Understanding Regulatory Compliance  

It is not enough to have access to reliable fluid system components—you also need suppliers that understand the processes, certifications, and other requirements that are unique to the transportation market. Swagelok products are certified for use by relevant industry organizations around the world allowing you to feel confident knowing that Swagelok solutions will meet your performance criteria and comply with governing mandates. We can help you navigate:

Regional Compliance Needs

We work with regional standards organizations to understand complex engineering requirements, and we provide a variety of certified products for on-vehicle and infrastructure use to help you stay compliant wherever you operate. These include EC-79 and HGV 3.1 compliant products for hydrogen systems and NGV4.X compliant products for dispensing systems, among other certifications.

Production Parts Approval Processes (PPAP)

We develop components specifically for automotive and other transportation industry use, offering standard products up to Level 3 of PPAP. We can work with you to ensure the solutions you choose will meet specifications.

International Material Data System (IMDS) Requirements

We understand IMDS protocols, and we can help you more easily fill out elements of construction documents that show you meet environmental regulation requirements.

Technical Cleanliness Requirements

We can draw from our comprehensive portfolio of high-purity fluid system products and strict manufacturing controls to help you achieve the levels of cleanliness you need in demanding applications.

Manufacturing Emissions Compliance

Our field engineering team is highly trained and ready to come to your facility to help identify potential leak points in your systems and suggest leak-tight, compliant components that are low-emissions certified to help you avoid fugitive emission-related fines and reputation damage.

Better Efficiency, Yield, and Profitability in the Semiconductor Industry

Minimizing Downtime, Maximizing Reliability 

Whether you are building on-vehicle, fueling, or in-facility fluid systems, you need access to readily available, reliable fluid system components to keep your assembly lines and critical processes moving. We offer support through more than 200 authorized sales and service center locations across 70 countries. Here, local Swagelok-trained and certified associates can provide you with conveniently accessible, globally consistent fluid system products suited for transportation industry applications. They can also provide onsite assistance to help you troubleshoot and avoid fluid system leaks, inefficiency, or downtime.

  • Choose from components such as our assembly-by-torque (AbT) or FK series medium-pressure fittings designed for reliability, ease of installation, remake, and visual inspection so you can quickly assemble complex systems safely and reliably
  • Work with Swagelok-certified local associates who design ready-to-integrate, fully engineered fluid system assemblies configured to perform reliably in your applications, maximizing the service life of your equipment while minimizing the risk of leaks. They also reduce the burden on your employees who can spend less time assembling and maintaining fluid systems
  • Our field service specialists can evaluate your fluid systems and deliver prioritized recommendations to improve your overall system reliability, improving uptime and safety in the process


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